The website for Michael’s project, Lullabying for Everyone, which offers the Lullaby Workshop, linked here.

The website Arts in Daily Life, linked here.

The website for Michael’s project Lullaby Storytelling, linked here.

The companion website for Michael’s 2021 book, My Melancholy Baby, soon to be linked here.

The website of Dr. John Diamond, psychiatrist, philosopher, poet, percussionist, painter, and photographer, linked here.

The website for Dr. Diamond’s artwork, linked here.

An article about Dr. John Diamond and the Life Energy Arts Gallery, in the Westchester County magazine WAG, linked here.

A website for ordering Dr. Diamond’s artworks, linked here.

The lovely Life Energy Arts Gallery, their site linked here.

The website for Peter C. Muir, who applies Dr. Diamond’s work to music teaching, especially to those with disabilities, linked here.